Spring Wildflowers III

I seem to be making more wildflower discoveries every day, pouring through my books to identify them. Just imagine, these are only the ones I am finding on my property... I pass by so many others in my travels through this area. We are truly blessed to live in an area so rich.

When is a wildflower a weed? In the case of "Cranes Bill", shown in this slide show, I must confess calling it a weed. It has taken over this year, introducing itself into all of my "cultivated" gardens. I have planted showy evening primrose, echinacea, and other wild flowers into my gardens, so that absolves me from insulting Mother Nature I hope!

Too busy gardening to paint much these days, but it's all part of the inspiration process.

Spring Wildflowers II

My woods continue their amazing show of spring wildflowers, and these are the most recent in my continuing show of Mother Nature's beauty. There are many others which I haven't gotten to photograph, if you can believe it!

Please let me know how the quality of this wildflower slide show compares to the one I posted previously, since I saved it at a higher resolution. The earlier one doesn't seem to do justice to the flowers, so I'll redo it based on your responses. Thanks.