New Painting: When She Was Three

Just finished my newest painting, the first since last spring (gardening, making a living, and other stuff make for interruptions!) It is called "When She Was 3" and I was inspired by photos I took last June of a friend's little girl playing at the edge of a river. It's a bit reminiscent of two other little girl paintings I've done which you can see in my internet gallery, "Molly By The Sea," which I painted in watercolor a few years ago of my niece on Hampton Beach, NH, and gave to my parents as their 50th anniversary gift (Molly is their youngest grandchild and they live in Hampton), and "In Her Own World," which I did from photos I took of a little girl on St. Augustine Beach who I didn't know. The anonymity of the little girl prompted many who saw the painting to be reminded of little girls in their lives.

On my Facebook fan page, I have created a photo album of this new painting in progress. Click on the Facebook icon in the right column of my blog to see it.