New Notecards

"Pushin' Up Daisies" are my newest fine art notecards, reproduced from one of my most popular paintings. I've printed a limited quantity to see if they will be just as popular as the prints. Also, these notecards are the first I've had printed on a matte finish paper, which should make writing on them easy.

All my folded notecards are large (7" x 5") and blank on the inside. An image of one of my paintings fills the front panel. I package 5 each of one design, with envelopes, in clear bags. I've sought out my printers and other suppliers carefully so I can keep these packets at a very reasonable price. Many of my frequent buyers use them in place of high-priced greeting cards, customizing them with their own message inside. Like my fine art prints, these cards make nice hostess presents and gifts when something unique and simple is called for.

I have several other notecard designs currently in stock, as pictured below. Order by title and contact me by email: ( if you'd like to reserve or order any. I can ship USPS first class within the US for the rates below. Card packs are @ $7; for mailing add:
- $2 for one package of notecards
- $3 for 2 or 3 packages of notecards
- $6 for 4 or 5 packages of notecards
 (Sorry, I don't take credit cards. Mail me at PO Box 669, Tellico Plains TN 37385)

Let me know what you think of these new cards!

Clockwise from top left: Nana's Rocker, Telliquah Falls, Elles Tobacco Planter, Let It Snow, Bald River Falls

Sunshine On My Shoulder

I finished this painting just in time to have it debut at my upcoming gallery open house (Sunday 1/18/15 at Tellico Art Center, Tellico Plains TN, 1-4pm). The painting is a square, turned 45° so it hangs as a diamond - just for an added bit of distinction.

I paint on canvas with Golden Fluid Acrylics, and I paint fairly thin. The fluid acrylics are about the consistency of heavy cream, and made my transition from a watercolor painter to an acrylic painter a little easier. Thick acrylic paint out of a tube is generally very opaque, but many of my fluid acrylic pigments are transparent. I like to keep the colors fresh and vibrant, and I can do this best when they are painted on the bright white canvas. So for this painting, with its very dark background, my approach was a bit different from usual. After penciling in my design, I concentrated on painting the entire background first. This way, the yellows of the flowers would be very bright. If I had painted the whole canvas solid black - which would have been easier - the yellow paints would look very dark and dull. I'd never be able to get the paint thick enough to have the same vibrance my method achieved.

In honor of one of my favorite musical artists, John Denver, I've titled this "Sunshine On My Shoulder."